Brutal Legend Wiki

Habitat Western Continent, Razor Fields, Battersmith
Disposition Hostile
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Speed Slow
Attacks Swipes back in forth with its claws, may bite with bear-trap like mouth
Double Team Eddie rides on its back, and is able to execute a three swipe combo
Summoned Tollusk
Large Anti-personnel Melee Infantry
Hit Points ???
Counter Unit To Melee Infantry
Load 4 (2 units, 2 load each, 2 unit limit)
Special Traits Summoned via "Call of the Wild" Solo (Requires Megastage Lvl. 3 or Lvl. 4 in Multiplayer Mode)

The Tollusk is a creature that inhabits the Western Continent of the Brütal Land.


A Tollusk is an aggressive, dog-like creature with a steel trap for a face with claws and back spikes made of chrome. They will attack anything that moves, and are often seen hunting Ground Urchins or Raptor Elk, although they will just as happily hunt units or the player.

Double Team[]

Eddie can Double Team with a Tollusk by either stunning it or summoning it with the Call of the Wild Solo. It takes several hits with Shocker to stun one. Once stunned, Eddie can jump on its back and control it. Though it moves slowly, its great strength and razor-sharp claws can be used to tear enemies asunder. The Tollusk is capable of a simple three-hit combo.


Tollusks can be summoned (in groups of 2) via The Call of the Wild Solo when the Megastage is upgraded to either Level 3 or 4. There is no way of knowing prior to the match which one is designated to summon Tollusks. If it is designated to Stage Level 3, 4 Raptor Elk will be summoned when the Solo is played while the Stage is at Level 2 (In which case, a Hextadon will be designated to Stage Level 4. If it is designated at Stage Level 4, playing the Solo while the Stage is at Level 2 will summon 4 Ground Urchins instead). As with all creatures summoned by The Call of the Wild Solo in Multiplayer, the designation has a chance of changing after the creatures despawn.


  • A unique Tollusk is found during the mission "Fiery in the Pad, Man!", with glowing blue eyes, with black tear water leaking from its mouth and body. Some fans have nicknamed this unique variation the "Black Tear Tollusk".
  • The Steam Trading Card for the Tollusk is titled "Bear Trap Mouth".
  • The Tollusk along with the Hextadon, Metal Beast, and Guillotar stop The Deuce cold in its tracks if it is run into.



Riding or killing a Tollusk are requirements to unlock the following achievements/trophies:

Beast Master
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Rode every animal in the world.

Quill Tosser
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Killed a Tollusk using only Ground Urchins.