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The front cover of the Tour Book.
“Read up on the world, equipment, and units.” — Instruction Manual

The Tour Book acts as a codex that contains all of the information about the world of Brütal Legend. It can be accessed after the first mission, "Welcome to the Age of Metal", is completed.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The categories page, with doodles written on it.
After the single player campaign is completed, Mangus swipes it from Eddie Riggs to write a note in it. However, the whole crew writes notes on it, decorating it with doodles. He presents it to Eddie as a gift in the final cinematic.

Eddie Riggs' Tour Book has been with him since first days as a roadie and has certainly seen a lot of action.

In the Age of Metal it acts as a guide to the world. Giving the player all sorts of information and tips on Units, Combos, Solos, and the World around them.

In the end cutscene, Mangus surprises Eddie with the Tour Book as a going away present. When Eddie looks to see what Mangus wrote he also sees many doodles, to which Mangus replies, "Yeah, the other guys wanted to say something too."