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The Tour Bus parked outside Bladehenge, shortly after its construction.

The Tour Bus is one of the largest vehicles in Brütal Legend. Eddie Riggs and Mangus build the huge bus to take Ironheade on tour.


The Tour Bus is first used during "Tour of Destruction", in which Eddie has to protect the bus from Tick Choppers while it makes its way to Battersmith.

The bus itself is huge with red paint, orange flames, chrome finishing, and a big sticker on the back saying "Ironheade". It transports both the entire Ironheade army and the equipment for setting up the megastage, from location to location.


  • Failing to protect the bus on "Tour Of Destruction" will cause a special cutscene showing Eddie stopping his car to look at the bus off-screen, Mangus begins to scream about the fire and it being "Too hot!", over the walkie talkie. Eddie then looks horrified.
  • Before starting the above mentioned mission, Lars will admit that he's a little frightened by the size and appearance of the bus.
  • The license plate on the bus says 'BLDHNG', an abbreviation for Bladehenge.
    • The way to read the plate phonetically (according to the NATO phonetic alphabet) would be "Bravo", "Lima", "Delta", "Hotel", "November", "Golf".
  • The idea for the Tour Bus could have been formed by Motörhead's Orgasmatron album.