Brutal Legend Wiki
Tree Back
Massive ranged infantry
Hit Points 60
Attack Damage 2dmg per second
Double Team Ground Pound (9dmg knockback AOE)
Counter Unit To Everything
Fan Cost 300
Load 4 (1 unit, 4 load each, 1 unit limit)
“Eddie, I don't like the looks of that tree. For one thing, it's moving...” — Mangus

The Tree Back is a Drowning Doom ranged infantry unit and the faction's most powerful unit.


“Tree Back is a creature of few words, and prefers to let his crows speak for him.” — Tour Book

The Tree Back makes its only appearance during the mission "Sea of Black Tears", where it leads a final charge against Ironheade to keep them away from the Doom's Megastage.


Massive ranged infantry. This troll-like creature is the strongest unit for the Drowning Doom, their equivalent to the Rock Crusher or Bleeding Death. Counting the tree, he is the tallest character of all. The murder of crows living in the tree will constantly attack nearby enemies or buildings.

Double Team[]

The Tree Back rises.

Ridable infantry. Drowned Ophelia summons Tree Back forth from the ground and sits in his tree as he lumbers across the battlefield. Tree Back has a powerful melee attack, and his crows continue to attack while his Double Team is active.

When using its double team attack, the Tree Back pounds the ground in front of it, causing a shockwave that deals damage and knockback/stagger on surrounding enemies. It also moves more slowly than when it is underground.


  • The Tree Back is a great filler unit that should be built should the chance arise such as Extra fans, because his double team in combination with Weeping Heavens is an army devastator.
  • The Tree Back is also a great damage soak.
  • Rushing a Tree Back in Drowning Doom mirror matches is risky due to how easy it is to produce an Organist and Frightwig.


  • The Tree Back can single-handedly take down a Merch Booth in under a minute.
  • This is The Drowning Doom's Super Unit.
  • The Tree Back is one of the few units in the game (some others being the Frightwig & Soul Kissers) with NO spoken dialogue, whatsoever.