The other day while attempting to continue my Brütal Legend campaign, I discovered that my save file had become Brütally Corrupted. Symptom: after clicking "Continue", the loading screen appears and the axe spins ... forever. Attempting to quit out of the game resulted in the console restarting.

This is on a PS3 and I've since discovered that it's a common occurrence (that is supposedly fixed by a never-to-be-released patch ... sigh). So, if you haven't experienced it yet, go right now and back up your save file, then keep doing that periodically. If you do experience it, here's what I found out:

Although there is only a single save file, it has checkpoints in it for every chapter, including the "you've completed the whole game" chapter. In my case it was only that final checkpoint that was corrupted. I was able to go to the Chapters section of the main menu and load Abomination Overdrive. That meant I lost whatever progress I had made since then, but at least I wasn't restarting from zero.

After reloading Abomination Overdrive, finishing the game again, playing a bit, and saving, I am now able to simply choose "Continue" from the main menu since the new progress has overwritten the corrupted checkpoint. And now that I have the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC and the Oculus of the Lost I was able to recover all my previous progress on collectibles in no time.

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