Finally after hours of summoning an oponent solo I got a match, the oponent used the Drowning Doom I used the Tainted Coil, we started I summoned a nun then harassed the other player but he had no units after some minutes I noticed him summoning gravediggers, bride, and later a frightwig.

So after the harrasment I upgraded my stage and made a Warfather, as soon as I made him I started making him summon some units first a superior nun then, a skull raker and all the proceding units in his possession, I then made the divine nun make a lot of soul kissers and punishing partys. I then went to harass one last time before the massive onslaught wich would soon follow, and he had alot of gravediggers, a bride and a frightwig, Then I had to rally the troops even the lonely nun wich gave me a geyser (I made her atack the geiser before the harassment), and I atacked him with all the metal I had!!!

It was a rather nice fight I used the skull raker a few times to kill a ratgut he had there and put the screamwagon on atack buff, my troops started destroying him and soon he quit the match giving me the win.

I was so happy for my first win/match (technically second match, my first match was vs a DD and they dc before it and a loss was given to me wich was annoying)

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