Ok, if you've ever played the Tainted Coil before, you know precisely how difficult they are to get a good army started. Granted, when it's going, it's going, but giving it a start is difficult due to various issues I've encountered in AI Multiplayer, as well as a few I've theorized for what to do in True Multiplayer. This is a simple list of methods I do/would do to deal with various Coil flaws. This may sound like I dn't like the Coil, and in all honestly, I really don't due to the damn Heirachy. I prefer to have lots of units straight away. but here are methods I do to deal with some of the bigger faults.

♦ Dealing with would-be Abortionists killing your Battle Nun:

\m/ (o.o) \m/ Honestly, there's nothing I enjoy doing more to an enemy Coil team than commiting an act of Demonic Abortion. It seriously pisses them off, and they usually can't kill you before you kill not only their defenseless Battle Nun, but whatever the hell they were growing also. Simple method for dealing with this. They start wailing, don't start wailing on them. Play the Chains of Hell solo instead, then start wailing. and don't use the guitar to do it. you'll need it for the second part, becuase the chains are easily broken. once they are, he'll probably opt to fly off. perform a grabber multiple times in rapid succesion. this won't throw the enemy avatar to you, but it will make them stop in their tracks every time. at least, it oes that to AI avatars. I can't speak for true multiplayer, though. if it doesn't kill them, then they will truly claim to be Double Fine.

Method 2: wait.... wait to get a Warfather. if they can still abortion you, repeat the method above

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