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The Titans riding across the land in their mighty hot rods, as depicted in an Artefact of Legend.
“They made chariots so quick it was hard to find beasts fast enough to pull them, and so they abandoned the beasts and made giant vehicles that moved with their own power. These collosal hot rods were a rolling temple to Ormagöden, forged from His gleaming flesh.” — The Narrator

Vehicles are mobile machines made from the steel flesh of Ormagöden. They are used extensively by all factions following the advent of Eddie Riggs in the Age of Metal.


“Vehicles are mobile machines, even those with exposed drivers are considered vehicles.” — Tour Book

Vehicles can be used to traverse terrain more quickly than on foot, but are not a faster method of travel than flight. In battle, avatars will not suffer damage so long as they are in a vehicle. Most, though not all, vehicles come equipped with turbo that can be summoned for a short burst of speed at the expsense of control.

Vehicles can be a powerful force on the battlefield. Bigger vehicles are not easily moved, and can absorb a great deal of damage before exploding. It should be noted that most cars cannot be healed, and that any damage dealt to a vehicle is likely permanent.


Instructions as to the construction of cars was amongst the many gifts the Titans left for Humanity.

During the Age of the Titans, a powerful and majestic race of Titans mined the ground for Ormagöden's steel flesh, and found it still retained the desire from speed. From His flesh, they made titanic vehicles that moved so fast, there were no beasts capable of pulling them. Thus, they developed cars with engines capable of pulling themselves. Before ascending to the heavens, they left behind instructions on how to build vehicles, amongst other things.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“Is it a mine cart?” — Ophelia

Eddie's car, the Deuce, after its creation.

After arriving in the Age of Metal with his guitar, Clementine, Eddie Riggs is able to decipher the Titans' messages, effectively building the world's first car, the Deuce, from parts found in the Temple of Ormagöden. In creating the Deuce, Eddie unwittingly unveils the secrets of the Titans to the Tainted Coil. Soon after, Doviculus and his Human lackey Lionwhyte begins creating vehicles as well. The Crushing Pit becomes an important strategic location for the newly-formed Ironheade; it's rich with car parts.

After successfully fending off the Hair Metal Militia, Eddie decides to take the army on the road. He builds a vehicle large enough to house all of Ironheade: the Tour Bus. Using this, Eddie escorts the army to Battersmith and beyond.

After the Drowning Doom forms, the Drowned Ophelia uses the knowledge Eddie shared with Ophelia to create her own personal Hearse, along with several vehicular units for her army. At some point during the Season of Pain, Doviculus had a Chariot built, because its Maw is salvaged after the Tainted Coil is overthrown.