Brutal Legend Wiki
Hierarchy ranged infantry
War Father
Hit Points 16 (23 superior)
Attack Damage 2.5dmg (4dmg superior)
Double Team Audience II (creates tier II units)
Support Effects Healing (for any units he has spawned)
Fan Cost 100
Load 2 (1 unit, 2 load each)
Special Traits Creates tier II units at his location
“You see? MINE are bigger!” — Warfather

The Warfather is a Tainted Coil ranged infantry hierarchy unit.


“The noble Warfathers represent the elite of the Coil's hierarchy class. By reading prayers from their Unholy Tomes, they unleash powerful ranged attacks on enemies.” — Tour Book

The first Warfather to be seen appears when Doviculus arrives at the Temple of Ormagöden, following the escape of Eddie Riggs and Ophelia. Afterwards, they are seen assisting the forces of General Lionwhyte during a few missions.

Following the events of "Doom's Dawn", they are found roaming the Western Continent with Skull Raker escorts near Bladehenge, Battersmith, and Tophat Mountain.


Ranged infantry, hierarchy unit. Superior version available. Slowly heals nearby minions and quickly regenerates his own health when surrounded by minions.

Warfathers use the tomes they carry to conjure and fire bolts of unholy energy at their targets. These can be blocked by avatars though, and can miss their target if they are moving and/or at a distance.

Double Team[]

Doviculus must hold an audience with Warfathers to produce the Screamwagon, Pain Lifter, Skull Raker, and Superior Battle Nun. If he holds an audience with a Superior Warfather, he can produce Superior Screamwagons, Superior Pain Lifters, Superior Skull Rakers, and Divine Battle Nuns.

The Warfather is vulnerable to attack while birthing new units, as he cannot move or fight back until the process is complete.


What can you deliver me?
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Bless me father, for I must sin.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Put down your book and listen to me!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Warfather, may I speak to you?
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Bear my fruit, immediately.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Whom shall we nurture into being?
— Warfather while Double-Teaming
I know - how'd you like a being of pure Hate? Or are you too old for that?
— Warfather while Double-Teaming
Would you like a warrior, or a monster?
— Warfather while Double-Teaming
What kind of victory are you looking for?
— Warfather while Double-Teaming
Look at that Divine Angel!
— Warfather when Doviculus flies
Yes, sometimes amputation is necessary.
— Warfather when idle
I love these small moments of reflection.
— Warfather when idle
Let me host your triumph!
— Warfather when idle
Emperor, I long to germinate.
— Warfather when idle
What's that? ‘Kill all the children’? Shhh... everyone will hear you!
— Warfather when idle
Why bother with a regular Battle Nun when I can gestate a sister of Superior breeding?
— Warfather when idle
If you're very quiet, you can hear the children screaming.
— Warfather when idle
My lord, it is time for reinforcements!
— Warfather when idle
Don't you think the children would love a Screamwagon?
— Warfather when idle
Give me a notion, and I'll turn it into a monster!
— Warfather when idle
You restore my faith, dear Master.
— Warfather after Doviculus plays a guitar solo
He calls.
— Warfather after being directed to a location
Your attack on our leader is an insult to the very notion of authority!
— Warfather when Doviculus is attacked
On the upside, this is the perfect time for us to build a new stage.
— Warfather When stage is destroyed


  • The Warfathers are voiced by Rick Wasserman, Lex Lang, and Robin Atkin Downs.
  • The forks over the Warfathers' eyes may be a tribute to the Scorpions album cover Blackout.
  • Warfathers are often seen accompanying Skull Rakers as one of the Tainted Coils' patrols.