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“Lion-weight would be a better name.” — Watt-R-Boy
Anti-building melee infantry
Screenshot 595
Hit Points 12
Attack Damage 0.6dmg
Double Team Feedback Blast (3.5dmg knockback AOE)
Counter Unit To Buildings
Special Traits Invisible to enemies except at close range

The Watt-R-Boy is a Hair Metal Militia melee stealth infantry unit.


Watt-R-Boys are the glam equivalent of Ironheade's Roadie units. Like the Roadies, they are stealthy building-destroyers, only they wear brighter clothing and the amps they carry are covered in black and pink tiger print. They are only encountered during the mission "Sanctuary of Sin".

It is unknown what the Watt-R-Boys purpose was when working for Lionwhyte, although it can be speculated that they held the positions of cush-guard's for the Pleasure Tower and that the Roadies are defectors. If this is the case then it is likely that the Watt-R-Boys lived in the Pleasure Tower along with General Lionwhyte.

The Watt-R-Boys personality, unlike the Roadies, is surly sarcastic and focused on hating to work. This is seen in comments that they often make whenever Lionwhyte gives an order and they often complain about thinking they were on break whenever he does. It is unknown why the Watt-R-Boys stayed with Lionwhyte but it was most likely the same reason the other faction units stayed with him: for personal profit.


Melee infantry, building destroyer, stealth specialist who is hidden from enemies unless in close quarters.

Double Team[]

Ridable infantry. General Lionwhyte jumps atop one of the speaker stacks, getting all the benefits of the Watt-R-Boy's stealth. He's then able to create a feedback blast with knockback.


  • The Watt-R-Boys are voiced by Dino Anderade, Dave B. Mitchell, Yuri Lowenthal and Wil Wheaton.
  • The Watt-R-Boys are obviously a play on the terms "Watt" and "Waterboy".
    • "Watt" could also be a pun, as the word "amp" is a reference to the amps they carry as well as the unit of energy of the same name, as "watt" is also a unit of energy.
  • One of the voice actors for the Watt-R-Boys, Yuri Lowenthal, is married to Tara Platt, who happens to voice the dominatrices of the Punishing Party.
  • Like Hairsplitters, they are not guaranteed to appear in any given playthrough of the mission.