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The Western Continent dominates the left side of the map.

The Western Continent is a massive landmass on the western half of the Brütal Land.


The Western Continent is the larger of the two landmasses that comprise the Brütal Land. It hosts vastly varied landscapes including heavily wooded forests, desert plains, grassy fields, icy tundras, mountains, and a sandy coastline.

The player first reaches the Western Continent in the second story mission of the game, "To Bladehenge!". The story remains in this region until about halfway through the campaign.


Some notable locations within the Western Continent include:


  • After the mission "It's Raining Death" is completed, the Tainted Coil will infest the continent, with a large number of powerful patrols spread across the landmass. In addition, many of the landmarks and monuments will be bound and gagged by Emperor Doviculus.

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