Metal Beast Riders
Gender Females
Race Humans
Faction Ironheade
Hair Color Dark colors
Skin Tone Varies between dark and light
Weapons Spears
Personal Vehicle Metal Beasts (tamed Metal Beasts)
“Ride with the Zaulia!” — Zaulia

The Zaulia are a band of warrior women who make their home in the Jungle. They ride the fierce fire-breathing Metal Beasts into battle, which only they can tame.


After the members of the Black Tear Rebellion drank from the Sea of Black Tears and went insane, they attempted to wipe out the Zaulia, but Riggnarok, the sole member of the Rebellion to resist the temptation of the Sea's power, sided against his former allies in defence of the Zaulia, leading them to victory over the Tear Drinkers. When they were overwhelmed in battle, they would unleash the Blood Vomit in the Altar of Blood.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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They eventually join with Ironheade after discovering that its leader, Eddie Riggs, is the son of Riggnarok. They bring with them the Metal Beasts, which are added to Ironheade's growing army.


Apart from their leader and spokeswoman, Rima, the Zaulia nearly never speak - except for a few instances, after questioning them many times, and one directly, where one of them catches Eddie off-guard and scares him.

While the rest of the world reveres Riggnarok for forming the Rebellion which slew so many demons, and for resisting the Tears, the Zaulia venerate him for saving their race.


  • The Zaulia, excluding Rima, are voiced by Nika Futterman and Grey DeLisle.
  • Their concept is based on the Amazons.
  • Their war paint is inspired by the rock band KISS and metal singer King Diamond.
  • During a double team, a Zaulia will sometimes say "You are overdressed for this."
  • Although Lita Halford is named in part after and based off her, Lita Ford voices the leader of the tribe, Rima.
  • If the player talks to a Zaulia member after the "Dry Ice, Wet Graves", she will say how they reproduce in an all-female tribe. She will say "when it is time for our mating the men are gathered and must survive a series of challenges and then endure a sacred ritual of-" before being cut off by another Zaulia.


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